In addition to its Gilbertson direct-sales strategy is still a strong side: Customization.

In the search for a new bike is running almost everything emotion. Everything must be accurate. We know that like no other. You can therefore Gilbertson your bike pie. Especially with the proverbial to vary a lot. Very important is the group on the bike. Usually there for Shimano chosen, but do you now have a huge Campagnolo or Sram fan than it is no problem. With the stem, seatpost and the steering is also enough to vary. So you can choose for titanium, but also its carbon fiber and aluminum is very nice. Do you want a classic appearance to give your Gilbertson, you can go for the ‘Brooks’ package. The steering ribbon and saddle than of Brooks and you can choose in the color that best suits you. What really determines the appearance of your bike is the set of wheels. You have the choice of high carbon wheels. This will give your bike a rugged look. Would you like to carbon or aluminum wheels with a low rim, then this can certainly also. Because you see the Gilbert sons can pie you can create a unique bike completely to your wishes and needs.