Custombuild: Inferno Pinion with brakesplitter

2 December 2015

In addition to that we really nice regular Gilbertson racing bicycles and mountain bikes and build, we get increasingly the request for a custom build bike. So also for this Rohloff pinion with the call. The customer would like to both its brakes can operate with one hand and the switch module also had to be on the same side. For a good challenge where Gilbertson we enthusiastically in.

Between the brake cables was placed a splitter so that when you left for both the brakes – rear brake if you can operate. It was also the grip shift of the pinion gear converted from right to left. In addition to the pinion gearbox, Gates belt drive and Fox fork is this bike further diagnosed with a set of Ryde wheels. The Blue Hope components provide the finishing touch.

As you can see there are so many custom build capabilities. Not only on building but also on the frame can we deliver custom-made work. We invite you to try our shop on the custom build to discuss possibilities for Gilbertson.

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