Why titanium?

Titanium has the highest ‘strenght-to-weight ratio in the world. Because it is so strong we have less titanium needed to make a very good, light and to build strong frame.

Great driveability
Titanium has very specific characteristics. If the vibration, dampens titanium so you have less of vibrations during the cycling. Wherever and whenever you ride pimples, pits and irregularities in the road surface you feel almost no longer. Greater comfort and reduced fatigue, who wants that now not?

Titanium is very durable. Because it is not rust or corrode titanium remains very strong and very nice for long. Also shown no metal fatigue. The Where other metals do it remains indestructible and shows the titanium almost no traces of use, not even after years of use.

Titanium frames
Our Gilbertson frames are made of the alloy 3ALU-2.5V titanium. This alloy is obtained by mixing titanium with aluminum and vanadium. The density of this alloy is lower than that of steel, which is lighter and more rigid frames to be made. Titanium has a greater density than carbon or aluminum, but because titanium is stronger we can make the frame tubes dunnner. The weight of a titanium frame is comparable with a carbon monocoque frame and is located less than a high quality aluminum frame. Titanium combines a high hardness of the tubes with a twice as high spring force in comparison with steel.Titanium frames can be very high taxs on before they permanent deformation. In addition is the chance of frame especially low. broken The finishing of our titanium cycling is of a very high level, beautiful tight welds ensure a clean bike.

Detachable cable stop system
since the introduction of the various electronic groups Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS is there to do what is necessary in order to make the frames compatible with these groups.Through the years there are several found ways to frames “hybrid” compatible, by both di2 holes in the frames as cable stops to places. Some frames have cover bare caps which are closed if there is no traditional cable in. We think this is a great system but not as nice as a flat rigid frame without dummy covers. That is why we have a detachable cable stop system has been developed which standard on our new Gilbertson Allure, so that we can always choose to start to engage electronically without unnecessary frills on the frame. Certainly at a nice classic finished titanium frame we find the Not-Done to avoid unnecessary cams on the frame. In addition you can still choose to have your bike to build electronically to mechanical.