About Gilbertson

A jewel on wheels, so you can enjoy the Gilbertson titanium bikes the best described. The bikes are timeless, elegant and particularly. Pure craftsmanship. Titanium has a number of great properties, so it is very strong and light also shows no metal fatigue or corrosion. In addition, titanium frames very nice and tight finished making them look stylish and well kept.

When Gijs and Alan Van Tuyl Gilbertson set up in 2009 they wanted their passion for titanium cycling advice for the general public. The goal was to build a titanium finished in detail of top quality bike for everyone. By their many years of experience in the bicycle industry they succeeded very beautiful titanium cycling to design with great driveability. So are the Gilbertson cycling not only very comfortable, the are also real race samples. They are equipped with the latest components and materials. In addition to the conventional drive systems has Gilbertson also bicycles with the Rohloff and pinion system. The beautiful to Gilbertson is that the cycling completely custom build can be and there is therefore a suitable for everyone bike. All Gilbertson bicycles are in consultation with the customer. You can install the bike to build in detail; wheels, groepskit, but also bottle holder, steering ribbon etc. All this to your dream bike.